Stoney Run trail *reminder*

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While I have used Gaia GPS on an iPad mini for a while to map trips/trails etc, I recently added OnX Offroad and have been trying it out. Same basic idea but lots of existing trails already uploaded to their database.
So while looking around our usual stomping grounds, I saw Stoney Run just southwest of the Flagpole area. Looks to have a LOT of switchbacks but seems interesting.
My question is if anyone has run it in the last year to 18 months that can drop their input on it here. Would like to give it a go sometime.
Since it looks like we have a group, I put out a date of November 5. Meet up at the high school like a Flagpole trip.
2800 Rawley Pike, Harrisonburg. 8 a.m., quick briefing and off we go.
Trying to keep it small since its an unknown but will take input from Nacho as to whether we increase it.

Here's the list in no real order. As always we'll sort by experience and recovery gear to spread it out.

--(lead) OneArmedSaint
--(tail)Galactica (if they wish) & friends

**Added Tuesday, Oct 18
***Little update
Wife and I went to Harrisonburg today, she wanted to visit niece and new baby. So I took her Cherokee to check our route from the meetup to trailhead.
Its legit 40 minute drive, just so everyone is aware. Paved mountain road, no lines but wide enough for two cars, LOTS of switchbacks.

For those not aware of what our return route, Reddish Knob road is like, its the paved access up to the overlook. It is NARROW.
12 ft max, 10 in some places and lots of potholes, guardrail on the downhill side. We can stop at the knob/overlook if the group wants to, its only about 1 mile from the end of the return. We can vote on it.

This is the northern trailhead immediately after turning off pavement. Basic forest service road, seems like plenty of room to pull over and air down.
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I have not, but would be interested in checking it out. Let me know.

I'm gonna have to review a bunch of maps to find out best way to get there. One end starts off Reddish Knob road which as we know is basically Flagpole. So getting to a start point may involve a bunch of driving. I found only one YouTube video of it and that's 8 years old. Seems to be between Peters Mill and Flagpole in terrain and difficulty.
This is a quick screen shot from Gaia. I noted route 257 coming from Harrisonburg, tracks west to one end on Stoney Run. The purple line is a track I recorded last year when we all went up to Reddish Knob overlook during the fall ride. If we ran the trail north to south we'd eventually come out on North River Rd and could make it back via two lane to the highway. Just a thought for a new trip. I can't do it anytime soon. Wrenching party on Oct 1 to install my new sliders, then Oct 8 is house painting but if we got a couple folks together we could make a trip of it.

Map below.
Note, Stoney Run is the squiggly white road running from the arrow tip to the southwest.
Screen Shot 2022-09-21 at 7.54.25 AM.png
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As I continue comparing all my digital/satellite/paper maps, it seems from Harrisonburg, we run Rawley Pike/33 west to Clover Hill Rd south/257 and follow that till it becomes Briery Branch all the way to northern end of trail.
Run trail south, approx 14 miles till it links to County Road 32 which winds east a mile or son then turn on Reddish Knob Rd (two track gravel) and follow that all the back north to intersection with Briery Branch again. Basically makes about a 40 mile loop.
I'm betting 3.5-4 hrs down and about 1.5-2 hours back up due to it being an improved gravel road.

I'd be down for first Saturday in November.
** please note, as y'all know I can't drive and run radio as a trail lead what with only one arm so I'd have to pass duties to someone

I'd love to show the plan to anyone coming for my wrenching party on the 1st of Oct.
For an idea of route, here's screen shot from OnX I created. Black lines are route, west side of loop is Stoney Run. At southern tip we get onto Reddish Knob Rd and follow it back north to start point.
Hey Joe, this sounds great....I marked 11/5 off on calendar and look forward to it. I dont mind taking lead on this, or if you want to, you lead and I will ride passenger/navigator/bombardier and take some photos.

My only question is on looking at Gaia, it looks like that road (wv61-between the green dots below) is a paved road. Are you not seeing that way?

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