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Hey Hiam! Hope you are well… yes, back on the forum. I don’t remember what my old user name was and I couldn’t seem to recover it. Been overseas for the last few years, just got back and registered the Jeep in MD this week and thought I should get back on here. Good to see you are still active and looks like you have a new Jeep! Hope you are well! -Kristen
Hey Kristen, welcome back. Good to hear from you and hope you are healthy and safe, hope to see you at the next club Show and Shine on October 7, 2023 if you can make it, and if not, on the trails.

Sending my best wishes,
Hi Jonathon

I see that you have paid your NVJA membership dues. Can you please complete and submit a membership application (https://novajeepers.com/membershipinfo/) so we can finalize your access? On the bottom of the application you can just select "Give Money to Officer" since you already sent it via PayPal.

What's going on with the name change?
I have been wanting to re-brand my Jeep. In the midst of shoving pizza in my mouth the name finally came to me, the concept and message as well. Have more to add but not ready to release yet, still working on it!
Mmmmm epiphany pizzas are delicious.
I would guess you were going for a guardian angel thing but, don't think that's in your religion. 😁
You are close, very close, but a little more armor and a little more darkness. And we do believe in angels and guardians btw! ;)
I was going to talk to you at today meeting but missed you after eating chili.
Would like to talk about your passenger seat on the upcoming Easter Jeep Safari trip.
Free all day tomorrow (Monday) anytime after 8am
phone 904-916-2083
Looking forward to chatting

(another) Joe
Mornign Rob,

Project is going..... working issues that have cropped up. AS of today the 4:1 T case is still being used in the Red Jeep. The 8 Speed swap is on hold due to funds and the abundance of other work happening next month. Plus head gaskets I still want to try to may Uwharrie and the Black Hills.... The Atlas had to be put on hold no funds available at the time.
Atlas is due in for the Octorber Engine swap. Looking at late to end of Oct if you are still interested in the 4:1 t case.