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I have tried to register on the link that was provided for the Show and Shine this coming weekend but it did now work. Any suggestions on what I should do?
Hi, the pre registration has closed for this event as of Sunday hence why it is not working. You can still register on site this weekend. Make sure to get there between 8-9am.
Hi -

Wondering if the soft top is still available and if so, condition?

I am a new jeeper with a new to me 2016 wrangler that needs a new top.

Thank you and I hope you have a great day.

Good morning, I have been having trouble sending pics on this app, be free to txt me at (703) 622-7159 and I will send pics. I have 2 sets of rims with 1set (5) that have tires mounted on them as well as the tire cover for the spare. They are Dullers H/T 245/75R17 hope this helps. Rick
Please let me know if you received my message.
I tried to send a pic on this but it’s not taking. Be free to txt me at (703) 622-7159 and I can attach that way. I’m asking $120 for it. Rick