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I was going to talk to you at today meeting but missed you after eating chili.
Would like to talk about your passenger seat on the upcoming Easter Jeep Safari trip.
Free all day tomorrow (Monday) anytime after 8am
phone 904-916-2083
Looking forward to chatting

(another) Joe
Mornign Rob,

Project is going..... working issues that have cropped up. AS of today the 4:1 T case is still being used in the Red Jeep. The 8 Speed swap is on hold due to funds and the abundance of other work happening next month. Plus head gaskets I still want to try to may Uwharrie and the Black Hills.... The Atlas had to be put on hold no funds available at the time.
Hey man. Hope the projects going smoothly.

Did you say that you had or were going to have a 4:1 transfer case available? I really want to go 4 speed, but can't stomach $5k at this point. Not in any hurry, but vaguely remember you said somethign about it. Maybe when you go 8-speed?
Atlas is inbound in August. Not sure if I will be able to install before South Dakota but certainly after. If you are still interested in my old let me know.
What would you be looking for for it?
Let me know if you need help. I am in Herndon and have a friend who owns a shop. under 4 inches is fine. 703 731 2057. That shop is in Herndon/Sterling area too.
what would you need for the evo sliders?
I still need measure my up travel to see if I can make the cut. Oh still maybe interested, will measure tonight.
Ok no worries and no rush. Just wanted to follow up.

hey man, it looks like my up travel is equal to the shock travel so I will not be able to use these if they entail raising the lower shock mount by 1.5"
thanks agian.