Tire shop willing to patch near edge?


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Yesterday at The Cove, I found a bolt my tire as I went to air down. When I started to pull on the bolt, I saw bubbles, so I just went ahead and swapped on the spare for the day.

In the past when I've gotten a puncture near the edge of a tire, shops have refused to patch it. I know I could put a plug in and call it a day, but I prefer interior patches over plugs. I haven't asked any local shops as this just happened yesterday, I figure I'd get a few recommendations to start with. Anyone know of a tire shop that will patch close the edge?


Where are you located? There are a couple "independent" shops in Manassas who will give it a try, though besides sidewall integrity concerns, that bolt looks too close to get a true patch seated properly. Personally, if be worried about the sidewall. Cash only, no receipt when they do this type of work of course.
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