Sway Bar Disconnects


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I'd like to add manual sway bar disconnects to my JLU Willys... I've had recommendations on and seen JKS disconnects installed, but someone pointed out the APEX AUTOlynx and I'm intrigued... anyone have any experience with them? Trying to decide which to install.
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I also have a JLU Willys and my first real mod was sway bar quick disconnects. I researched for a while...certainly a few factors to consider like how it works, price, what lift you have, etc. I ended up going the Apex AutoLynx Disconnect. Works at stock ride height to small lift and really simple to use. Can easily disconnect and reconnect by myself in 5-10 seconds, don't have to worry about losing anything, etc. They've worked out well so far.


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I think the JKS Disconnect work great! Adjustable, which helps with whatever lift you decide to put on. Pull a cotter pin and your done! I think they are greaseable too!