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I have a 2023 Jeep Willy. I’ve been doing a lot of traveling for work and have reached about 4500 miles. What is the recommended oil change mileage? I’ve called three Jeep places and have been told 5000 at two and 10000 at the other.


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I'm not an owner of a newer jeep but I would take a look in the owners manual. I would not believe anything the dealer says because they come up with their own arbitrary times to get you in to sell you more stuff.

The owners manual is what the engineers recommend so I would go off that and the input some of the owners on the forum recommend. I'm sure others will comment.


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I have a 2021 Willys JT, changed the oil at 1,000. Sort of a habit I've always had with new cars. Early change after a break in period. Reset the oil light and now I change at 7500 religiously. I've only got 16k on it, its a play truck, but I'll stick with 7500 mile changes.
I'll change it before driving to Moab at end of March and again after I return.


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I do mine every 5,000 miles....but they say you can go by the oil life indicator in the JL/JTs
I do my first one around 500-1500 miles to get any metal particulate (or sand from the sandcasting) out that may be left over from the engine production process, then I typically do one at 5,000 and then every 7500 after that. I also change my oil filter at every change. This timeframe is assuming you are using a full synthetic oil. The dealership/shop time frame is probably generic and just spits out 5,000 (all 3 of my jeep wave oil changes at the dealership came with 5k recommendations, despite using the full synthetic mopar oil. I disregarded them). I also immediately change all of my fluids on any used vehicle purchase to make sure the guy before me didn't use the wrong stuff. I write the mileage at which i did the last change on the side of my TJ filter for reference, but with the JT I just do it when it hits ~25%. I'm pretty sure the newer jeeps calculate that percentage solely on mileage.