Odd tire request need some help.......

Hi everyone, I have a odd request. I am looking at getting some 33" tires soon(33x10.5x15 or 285x75x16) for my LJ. But I have a height issue with my garage. I have put the tape on it and spent several fitful nights thinking it might not fit. So could I get one of my fellow jeepers to come by so we can put their 33's on my jeep to make sure it will fit in my garage before I drop the $$$$ and find out I am screwed and have to park it outside(the wife will kill me if it will not fit ;(). I am off all this weekend and Monday.


where do you live? i have the same set up 3"springs + 1.25 bl on an LJ w/33 12.50 15s....i can swing by and you can measure from mine