Jeep Won't Start - Aux Battery?

Did they check the Z case fuse array? Wondering if one of those popped and is causing you an issue. It’s a not unheard of thing for these to pop.
Z-case fuse array is part of the power distro box - so that was new also. Been at the dealer a month this Wednesday.
I am interested to find out the cause. I am hearing about a few other rigs with the same issue.
they've really only had the thing in the shop for less than a day of work... it's the waiting for parts and now STAR responses that's taking so long...
I went thru this with my Ram 3500 dually. they had my truck for 3 months .... frustrating at best. Electrical issues are tough to hunt down grounds and can-bus and add programming make for a tough task. I knwo of several other Rigs with this same problem. thinking this willlead to a recall. I hope it is not a disign issue.
My Ram 3500 Dually had a mechnanical design flaw ... after 3 months the results was Ram was nto going to fix it as it was a design flaw. I could live with it or they would buy it back.

This is how the Red Jeep began.
It did. Today. Picked it up. 9 weeks in shop.

There was an open circuit DTC on the start/stop and PCR circuits. They found an intermittent voltage spike in the PDC, which they assessed back fed into the BCM and PCM. They replaced all of those. Reprogrammed all the modules. Found some wiring issues and a couple blown fuses they fixed. They spent a few more days hunting down any additional power draws / shorts and tested all the circuits.

Original couple part swaps took a couple weeks as they waited a week for the PCM and another few business days after that for the BCM. A lot of waiting for Stelantis engineers and the STAR process after that. Swapped out to dealer's chief technician, wich necessitated closing the STAR case and reopening, then some real delays with Stelantis, who said they were sending an engineer out, but after two weeks of waiting, they decided not to... dealer then decided to make some decisions ahead of Stelantis, which would have made them liable for the parts if they hadn't have fixed the issue, vice Stelantis, which was delaying Stelantis I believe. Once Dealership decided to take on the risk, they powered through and in the last 6 business days, effectively remedied the issues.

While there was blame to go around, I'm generally satisfied with the dealership and place the blame on Stelantis, for some very poor engineering choices and terrible customer service, for both the customer and the dealership, which is restricted in what they can troubleshoot without a very time consuming and inefficient STAR process. I found Jeep Cares to be absolutely worthless, which seems to only be an avenue for the customer to vent frustration and complain to, but they didn't really do anything. It actually only served to annoy me more, as I asssessed that it's just a call center in India that Stelantis contracts to prevent having to interact with customers.
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I was a victum of the same process with my Ram 3500. 3 months in the dealership to find out it was a design issue.....