Hello from Fredericksburg


Member 2023
Hey all, just re-joined the Jeep world after a 10+ year hiatus. Just drove home a brand new ‘23 392 and still shocked I pulled the trigger. No regrets, it’s been a long time dream to have a V8 Jeep and told myself when they announced the 392’s I’d have one as soon as I could. Knowing this will likely be the final year they make them I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

This would be my fourth Jeep in my life, my first car ever at 16 years old was a ‘95 YJ, then later had an ‘03 Rubicon that I built over 3-4 years, attended lots of events in the early 2000’s at Crozet, Rausch Creek, Big Dogs, and many others in the East. Then another ‘06 Rubicon that I worked on for a while years later before walking away from Jeep due to having kids and needing more practical vehicles. I have two daughters I’m excited to introduce to the Jeep world, the culture, and the community.

Thanks and hope to meet some of you at upcoming events!

Welcome....we should have a lot of good stuff coming up in the spring and summer. Look forward to meeting you.
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! Anyone from my neck of the woods feel free to hit me up anytime, or if you need assistance with a project don't hesitate to let me know! Building a detached garage here soon at the homestead so will have extra room and tools if anyone is in need! Hoping to have that completed in the next 12 weeks or so.
Do you know how to properly install gears? I am in the market for some.
Unfortunately no, never done something quite like that before. Would love to learn though. If it were me I'd likely take it to a reputable shop in the area, maybe try Pro Trucks or Iron Pig Offroad to see what they would do it for.