December trail run (PA)

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Morning and happy hump day.

The Red Jeep 2.0 passed it maiden voyage and now it is up and running. Looking at another weekend at Rausch. I have two passes that will expire this year and figure why not go back to play.

When: Dec 3/4
Where: Rausch Creek ORP Tremount PA.
Kick off: Check in opens at 0800. Short drivers meeting and them head out round 0830ish.

The usual detail apply.
- Working Jeep in good order. Make sure your heater is working.
- First aid and fire extinguisher
- Full Size spare.
- recovery gear. If you have a winch please op check it before the trip
- Tools what you need to keep you rig going. if you have special needs bring those tools.
- Comms are good Lead is UHF/VHF capable UHF ( GMRS) channel 5 462.6375 , VHF WXMAN 151.625.

Accommodations: unless it is going to be in the 70s+ I will be camping at one of the local hotels in Pine Grove (exit 100)

Weather: It is PA in Dec so I would expect cold or colder please dress accordingly. This is a rain or shine run or a snow or shine run. Obviously if it is going to be a monsoon we will reschedule , but if there is a foot plus of snow Game on!

What to expect:
- A great advanced trail ride. trails from Green to Red and anything in-between. We work as a team to get through challenges and usually have two to three good spotters/guides. Plan on a full day on the trails
- Lunch on the trail I will bring trail side Chili 🥳. Feel free to partake or bring you own favorite.
- De-brief at O'Neils pub for wings and refreshments.
- Breakfast at the Diner ( you know the one) 0700 ( exit 100)

Lead Red Jeep (R3)(y)
2) Tally Ho(y)
4) RVAWJ (y)
6) Cloving (y)
7) the Rock(y)
Tail) Rattletrap 55(y)
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Put me down. Haven't figured out how yet, but will do my damndest.

In my heated trailer "camping".

Depending on how much snow may hinder the trailer.
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I’m going to try and make this. I’m praying my jeep is done by then.

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Front diesel springs being installed next week to bring her sagging nose up a bit, ~1.5”. Looking to prevent the bottoming out caused by the gas springs settling.
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Count me in. May only be one day but I will be there. Want to check out RRR 2.0.
Welcome aboard! Red Jeep 2.0 is nothing special just another silly Jeep with clown tires.......
Just a bump chatted up this run with a few today and the club get together...

Saw something on Rausch Creek FB that the NE is open and the Main is closed on Dec3rd? Not sure what that means?
Two sides of the park. Ne is a cross the street. Likely they will be hunting on the other.
Yupper! Start with trail F. Red
Rausch just got hit with winter... that is not to say that it will be cold and snowy in the begining of Dec. So it looks like camping will be for the young and hearty or those with heated camping gear. The Red Jeep as soon as the new steering gear is in will be camping at the comfort inn. Breakfast/coffee at the Diner 0700 and rally at the park by 0800

Saturday will be on the NE side of the park. depending on how the conditions are we can jump in on trail F (red) and work our way around to the blues which can be blacks depending on conditions. and ther eis always Outer limits... short but difficult Red trail at the far end of the park.
Unfortunately I’m not going to be able to make this. P5160050 is keeping the axles from being installed and may never be in stock again. At this point I’m wishing I had traded in on a rubicon.

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