Coil Spring Shocks vs Leaf Spring Shocks


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I have been looking into shocks as of late. Trying to learn and absorb as much as I can. Short version is, without going full custom, your options are limited for leaf springs. My question is, is there much of a characteristic difference in the valving for a leaf spring shock vs coil spring shock? I found a ZJ Fox 2.0 shock that is about the right compressed/extended lengths that I need for the front of my YJ. Just curious if it's going to be valved any kind of right.

I found Fox 2.0 that will work on the back of the YJ, as it is valve matched for the BDS springs, but for 5" lift springs, not 3.5" lift springs. Length wise, in the rear I believe I'm good with that and am tempted to run the Fox on the rear and Bilstein's on the front, but I know those characteristics are not going to mesh well.

By the way, I'm not opposed to eventually going full custom, but I'm not going to spend that money yet as I may stretch and reconfigure a bit before I go that route.
A shock is a shock. Just order one with the dampening rate and plunger length that is correct for your vehicle.

You can soften or stiffen the ride by having slower or faster dampen rates... or a combo shock with variable value speed can give you the best of both.
Valving...weight and use purpose. Valving for a leafs are more short stroke high frequency. Coils are a bit more stroke so it begins to add medium to low frequency.

Valve stack can or will be different.

Give the folks at Filthy motorsports a can/email and chat with them for the definitive answer

Ps off the shelf stuff is generic. To get the most out of a shock you need to tune the valving for both compression and rebound. This is what separates a shock is a shock from a tuned or dialed in shock