2010 Fall Foliage Ride: Stories, Pics & Tall Tails

Hats off to all the organizers. (y)  With this many Jeeps, and many being first timers, this ride was very well run. 
We had a great group from Manassas traveling together.  You saw in nosigma's photos that it was quite Jeeptacular!!
Took my wife and son on there first trail ride, and they loved it.  The views and foliage were incredible.
Once again I can't give it up for all that put this together and contributed in the rides, spots, repairs, ect.
Here are some pics

lizreg said:
Glad you had a great time!  The weather was perfect for a trail ride!  Nice pics! ~Liz
It WAS a great time and the weather couldn't have been better. (y)  I really wanted to take the top down, but opted not to because the nightmare, which you probably have read about, called dust.
I tell you what...At some points going down, if the guy in front of me would have driven off a cliff I would have been right behind him...ALL I could see were his rear lights.  But none the less, It was a great time.  And I think I have recruited a new Jeeper.  When asked "did you have a good time" my son answered "yes it was great, but it would have been better if I could have driven some"---He's 12 :)
subsonic said:
Keeping the top up was a good idea.  The dust gets everywhere.

that is an understatement, the dust is  in my glove box and the door sticks closed when i am trying to open it.

that fire's getting big, still uncontrolled, also, i blew my nose this morning, still had dust in it.

Oh the smell of burning rubber!!

He made it up though!!

Double posting on both the forums gets my post count up :)
I had a great time, thanks to all who helped organize and lead!
I had to give the interior a good cleaning last night to get out all that dust.  That was insane!  I could not see the road at all at some points on the way back.