Vintage Jeeps only flagpole run


Member 2023
Nothing currently setup but trying to gauge interest in getting a group together of vintage/antique Jeeps to head up Flagpole sometime in Oct. Light trail riding to get old Jeep's back on the dirt.

25 years or older.

Nothing fancy, no bluetooth, no electronic sway bars, no hill descent control, no TPMS, no built in crying buttons.

CJ's, YJ's, ZJ's, MJ's, chiefs, wagoneers? Some XJ's and TJ's?
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My dad has finally gotten his 2A back to a useable form. He was just asking me the other day about him coming down and going on a trail. I was debating taking him up to Flagpole from the lake and maybe either back down the same way or going off the backside (not Union Church). Do you all have dates in mind, and am I permitted to bring a NOVA Jeepers outsider? 😂
I was looking at Oct 14th.

If we can get 4-5 that would be perfect. I debated added a camping night but I feel many would be trailering rigs down to Harrisonburg.