Updating to '2024' Member Status


Club Secretary
Member 2024
I had some family stuff last month so I'm catching up on processing everyone's application who have renewed/joined for 2024. Once I get thru my backlog I will be submitting the names for the Website Committee to update the badging to '2024 Member' and/or VA4WD and/or BRC.

Thanks for your patience!

Also, a reminder that 2024 membership packets will first be given out at the March meeting and then mailed to those not in attendance in order to save on shipping. Packets will not be ready for our Jan mtg bc the renewal gift has not been received yet plus we are still ironing out the 2024 Events Calendar.
Sounds good! Let me know when you are ready and I'll make the switch!
I didn't renew until yesterday. First time in 11 years I didn't renew before January 1st! Sorry about that! Thank you all for handling renewals!