Sept Club Mtg @ 1 PM on 9/10

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Club Secretary
Member 2023
DATE: Sunday, Sept 10, 2023
TIME: 1:00PM

The Farm Brewery
16015 John Marshall Hwy,
Broad Run, VA 20137

Come join us and meet your fellow NOVA Jeepers. Or if you have never been to one of our meetings, come introduce yourself. Please bring your Nelson County Pantry donations to this club meeting!
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This club meeting will be our informational prep for the Show & Shine, so for those of you interested come along, and meet some Jeepers! Reminds me @Matanzas are you still good to collect donations from member pantries?

@all members this club meeting is an opportunity to bring any donations from your pantry that will be driven to the VA4WDA Fall Ride, therefore if you choose to donate, please bring them to this meeting! Why? Read below:

Nelson County Food Pantry, a privately funded, non-profit organization operated entirely by volunteers and the generous contributions from many local churches, civic organizations, businesses and private individuals, just posted that donations are needed. As a way to give back to the community, @HarvinJeep and I discussed this would be a good club initiative if you have anything in your pantry that you see is worth donating.

Here is the link to their website should you want to find out more:
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Ready to go - let's fill her up! If anyone can't make the 10th, but has a substantial contribution, I'll do a pickup.

- Matt
Join us for our bimonthly club meeting today! Clean out your pantry, and bring them with you if you can in a card board box or boxes you don't necessarily care about.

Remember, this is going to a good cause... see you at 1PM at The Farm Brewery on Broad Run.
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The interwebs say my wrangler can haul 1300 pounds of cargo. Let's find out!

Bring your food donations and we will Jenga them into my sarge jeep at the meeting today!


I’ve unfortunately had something come up today and can’t bring my donations. Can I bring to you one day this week? Or meet you Thursday at check in?