Adams website has some instruction on Maintenance/greasing their shafts.
i did not know that, I have watched the intall video to make sure I have the right tools. Will check for the maintenance video/s
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I called Adams becuse the shaft is supposed to have one zerk and one flat fitting, mine came with 2 flat and my experience with them is zero, so I thought the zerk had broken off. They said initially that something was wrong because I should have a regular zerk, but the service guy came on and said that they had changed their manufacturing and are going with flat zerks from now on because the regular zerks break off. So for anyone getting an Adams shaft, they have changed the fittings and no longer use the regular zerks. Their videos show both styles but expect to get 2 flats, which I prefer anyway.

For those of you who have installed driveshafts, do I need RTV for the install, I have seen some use for the yolk pinion nut and some do not.
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