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  • New to Jeeping Run - Flag Pole: June 06, 2020

Author Topic: New to Jeeping Run Sign-Up Thread - June 6th - Flag Pole  (Read 120 times)

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New to Jeeping Run Sign-Up Thread - June 6th - Flag Pole
« on: March 06, 2020, 08:41:00 PM »
The New to Jeeping Run at Flag Pole is stock Jeep friendly, family friendly, and a dog friendly outing.  This is the perfect run for new Jeepers, stock Jeeps, or anyone that just wants to get out and meet some new friends.  This ride tends to be an all day ride. 

Flag Pole has a little of everything.  We will take people up Union Springs to Meadow Knob, one of the most popular mountain clearings with awesome views for great photo ops.  We will break here for lunch.  Then we will head down Dunkle Hollow to Skidmore Lake.  If we have enough Jeepers sign up, some can drive the opposite route.  There are some fun hill climbs, some fun rocky obstacles, and some muddy water holes we will stop at so everyone can have some fun. 

We will ensure everyone has a lot of fun and learns a lot about off-roading. 

We will be meeting at the Food Maxx International Market parking lot 924 W Market Street, Harrisonburg, VA at 9AM.  Drivers meeting will be held at 9:30AM.

All non-members are required to have a waiver filled out for each person in their jeep.  It can be found here:

Please print and fill out the waiver prior to arrival and hand it to your trail leader.

If we have several groups of Jeeps, we may possibly need experienced Jeepers to lead a group, be the mid of a group, or be the tail of a group.

Required equipment for the trail ride includes:
A 4WD vehicle in good working order (with a full tank of gas)
Tow points, front and rear
Full size spare tire and whatever you need to change it on the trail (jack, lug wrench, wheel lock key, etc.)
Bring your lunch and drinks.  We will all eat lunch together.

The following are nice to have but not necessary:
CB Radio (necessary for group leads, mid, and tail)
Recovery equipment
A blanket or towel to sit on while disconnecting
Whatever you need to air down
Whatever you need to air up.........or you can drive to a local gas station to air up
Heavy duty zip ties (to hold the sway bar out of the way when disconnected - let me know if you need one)
Hand tools
A folding chair to sit on while eating lunch
Sunscreen and bug spray
TP in case you need to use the "restroom" on the trails

Group 1
Lead: Jeepin_Donnie

Group 2
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