Wanted - 3.5" TJ Coils

I'm hoping someone has some in the parts pile or willing to trade for a pair of 4.5" Rubicon Express.

Looking to downsize a bit, and get better rear end geometry. 8.8 in the back, tummy tuck, and rear spring relocators have the rear drive line pretty much maxed out at normal ride height.
I’ve got some JK and Gladiator coils.
I’m not sure if they could be modified a bit to work.
Thanks for the reply Chris!

It appears TJs have become the new YJs and used parts are few and far between on all the different market places. I've read up on putting JK coils on TJs and while responses vary the consensus seems to be that the rears give about 1.5" of lift and need the top coil opened up, and fronts don't give any noticeable lift. I'll keep plugging along looking for that unicorn garage of parts.

I've not forgotten about getting that 5th rim to you, looks like next month will present an opportunity for me to pick it up.

Thanks again!
Reading indicates the coils themselves are the same physical dimensions between XJs and TJs. Factory XJ coils on a TJ will yield a little bit of lift as they have a higher spring rate. Aftermarket is a mixed bag, with quite a few manufacturers producing coils they say will work on both platforms. I've not looked further into the option as I'd still have to find rears.