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For you guys that are running big rolling stock (40 inch ) what kind of mileage are you seeing out off you tires?
I’m on Maxxis Razr 40s that claim 40k mi with that particular compound. So far so good. I think maybe 30k is more realistic with wheeling. My prev STT Pro 37s got to about 20k before they were done.

Or if by mileage you mean mpg, 40s for me are anywhere between 15-17mpg highway (which way is the wind blowing?) on UD60s at 5.38 with lots of weight. Not much difference from efficiency on 37s on Dana 44 @4.88 (prior setup) slightly less but not substantially less.
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Thanks JP. The hungry V8 is chewing on the rear tires a bit. Need to be a bit more gentle on the throttle. Have about 10k on the STT pros wearing pretty well...but definitely faster then the 37s
If I remember correctly Rob, you tote a pretty good pile of gear in the rear of Red Jeep. That's gotta contribute to wear in the back. Same issue reported by EV owners, particularly Tesla, due to extreme weight.
Just a thought.
Thanks for that. Over the past year I have begun to address weight concerns ...(yeah the Jeep too 😄) but she is still a hefty girl at around 6800#