Stoney Run trail UPDATED INFO 11/5

Added to Calendar: 11-05-22


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Hey Joe, this sounds great....I marked 11/5 off on calendar and look forward to it. I dont mind taking lead on this, or if you want to, you lead and I will ride passenger/navigator/bombardier and take some photos.

My only question is on looking at Gaia, it looks like that road (wv61-between the green dots below) is a paved road. Are you not seeing that way?

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I have looked at it in Gaia, OnX, and Google maps and I believe it hard pack gravel, like forest access road.


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Be happy to take point
That would be fine. Didn't know if Nacho was wanting to but I know you can handle. I actually have turn by turn from the school to trailhead. Can give it to you at fall ride.
I'll move you to lead.
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