Spencer new to the area


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How’s it going everyone… new to the area with the completely stock xj. If anyone has any recommendations for shops that can do work on my xj let me know!!… looking to do lift wheels and tires and general maintenance.

Good morning and welcome to the fray.

Best shop I can suggest is a wrenching party:oops:. I know that sounds scary and complicated. But it will give you insight into your rig, and gain valuable knowledge you can apply later on the trail if/when somethign breaks.

Lots of shops around they all have their good days and bad. The good news with the XJ is that it is not modern technology so service work is rather easy.

Before you jump into modifing your rig take a read through https://forum.novajeepers.com/index.php?threads/some-thoughts-on-modifications-part-dux.33880/

Welcome form King George
Welcome to the area. Agree with R3, depending on what you want done. If you are looking for a shop, I am a big fan of Dirt Nerds.
Agree with R3 as well. Dirt Nerds is a good shop, but depending on what you want you got a bunch of people in here who know what to do.
Welcome from Woodbridge!

If you’re still looking around at shops, hit us up at OCD Offroad. We (myself especially) LOVE xjs. I’ve had a few cherokees myself including a 6.5” long arm XJ that would do EVERYTHING I wanted to with no questions asked.