You going to be able to get the cylinder shutdown turned off in the ECU? I'm pretty sure the later 6.2s have that out of the box. When I bought my 2011, the 5.3 had cylinder shutdown while the 6.2L did not.
Gen IV and V motors have active fuel management and this one being a 19, AFM will be turned off at the ECU. The 8L90E will also be tuned for optimal performance. I understand there are some issues with these gear boxes and tuning solves the issues.
Little Jeep Porn for today New heart beat for the Red Jeep


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That's crazy to see it separated like that! It's getting a nice bath!
For the motor/trans swap, it makes sense to separate the body and frame. Fairly simple to do with a lift. this makes it easy to run things like plumbing and exhaust. I had thought about doing this as a DIY at a friends shop but it would have taken a month of work and would have tied up his shop..... turns out it might has been faster. Least the process is underway now.

Funny how high the bare frame sits without the power train and body installed,.
Little more Jeep porn. Looks like the new heart is installed I am surprised at how well it fits.


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@zuke yes it is a tight fit. All that said the 3.6 fits pretty tight too width wise. I lost room in the from=nt of the engine with 2 "extra" cylinders being added. weight wise I add about 100-150 lbs over the 3.6L.

will need to re-spring the front coilovers until I can get it back to teh shop for the suspension upgrade. Looking for a fun break in run at Rausch next month.
I can not confirm nor deny that the beast will turn both 40 inch monster tires thru 4 gears from a standing start..... after all it is nothing but a silly Jeep on cartoon tires...
Amazing, super excited to see it!
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