Potts Mountain Trail Ride - October 28, 2023: Friday - Sunday Trip

Added to Calendar: 10-28-23, 10-29-23

Looking through my OnX files and took this screenshot of the trail (blue) showing nearby Barbour campground. As we approach date, need to decide north to south or south to north run. I'm guessing for those camping, Barbours is where we're planning. I'll be camping.
Also, assuming everyone’s rig is street legal etc, once in a while a ranger will be around and ensure rigs are insured, inspected, tagged etc
All have been added to the list; please note this ride is now at its full capacity, and a waitlist has been created. For those I have listed as TBD, please state where you will be staying (Hotel, Pines Campground, etc.).
I'll most likely stay at a nearby hotel. I'll hang out with everyone at the campsite though.