NVJA Annual Show & Shine - 10/7/23


Club Secretary
Member 2023

The club's annual Show & Shine is scheduled for October 7, 2023 at Loudoun Co. Fairgrounds.

This year, we have the opportunity to host our Show and Shine at a new venue, therefore please take notice of the location in advance. While we unfortunately cannot provide a car crush this year, we do have alternative events planned including a Jeep Rodeo where obstacles will be provided in the ring, and our Offroad Committee demonstrations that has rapidly been growing into our club culture.

Pre-registration for the 2023 Show & Shine is now open. To pre-register you can click on the link below, and it will display the pre-registration form:
preregistration – Northern Virginia Jeepers Association.

The Show & Shine is open to all members, forum users, shops, family members and more! It is a pet-friendly event!
Just a reminder to get your pre-registrations in for the Show & Shine, especially if you want this year's spooky shirt. Non-members or forum users are welcome to attend the show for free but will not be entered into the contests unless pre-registered. The link to pre-register can be found here: https://novajeepers.com/preregistration/.
Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it this year. I will be taking the rig out for a shakedown run up at Rausch.
Is there somewhere we can see said spooky shirt?
Yes, will attach below. @CynthiaTheCrafter has been kind enough to design this year's shirt.