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Just like to give the folks at motobilt some free press. Been chatting with them fo rthe last couple days on some of their products. I have to say this business is one of the best to deal with that I have ever work with. Very knowledgeable and super friendly. The question I asked were product specific engineerign type and they took the time to answer everyone of them.

They tell me that Motobilt runs sales almost every month. The black Friday sales were insane! 30%+ off products who does that!!!!

Big shout out to Coop and the gang for excellent service.


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I second the great prices. I am running their diff covers front and rear. I was able to each for $94.50+ shipping last year Black Friday. They shipped quickly.

The diff covers work great with my next venture diff skids (NV takes forever to ship anything as they are months behind on building orders)




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I know they are pretty active on social media, as I feel like I see their ads pop up all of the time and looks like good quality stuff. Great to hear a first-hand experience and especially about good customer service.


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Motobilts lead fabricator is Rob "Bender" Park, some of us know him thru the TV show on history "Truck night in America" Te Owner of Chaos Fab Shop and he become good friends thru the show.


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I really like motobilt and have used many of their builder products on my build. Honestly, the biggest reason I don’t buy more of their stuff… too much steel. I’ve been just making my own stuff lately since GenRight is too expensive + crazy shipping and nobody else has the aluminum products I want.

I will give Motobilt major props for their aluminum doors though, they are definitely a better design than everyone else.

The only problem I have with the Motobilt bed is weight. If you read their specs it’s over 500 lbs. I’m sure it’s tough as rocks, but that’s too much unless your ok going full heavy build.

I’m about to cut my bed again, already have the inside cut out :) I’m happy to help folks do it whenever y’all are ready to commit.



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Ordered a fold down tail gate from Motobilt for the LJ as part of their Black Friday Sale- $ 150 off regular price - its scheduled to arrive today. Very happy with the turnaround time - about 14 days.
Can't wait to open it up and get it installed.