Maintain Vigilance! (Scams on Forum)


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Member 2022
Hey everyone! Over the past few weeks we have had a bit of increased spam activity on the forum. Some of the campaigns have taken the form of private messages to users, such as the one seen below:

There has also been a few more "traditional" spam posts, that have been removed, which advertise products all sorts of products like the ones below

There have even been instances where users have received fake emails purporting to be from NoVA Jeepers

The moderation team has taken action by banning spam users, and removing spam content, but we also need your help! If you see anything suspicious, please make sure to use the Report button to highlight the issue to the moderation team.

In response to some of the increased spam activity we have modified the registration process slightly to hopefully thwart automated account registrations. We are also considering requiring registered users meet some thresholds, such as making a number of public posts, before they are allowed to send PMs. More details to follow if we go down that path.
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