Knowledgeable 4xe dealer

Mulling over buying a 4xe Rubicon but the newness of the platform has me a little nervous. Any particular dealership in our area better staffed to service these electronic Jeeps?


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We looked at one at Criswell in Gaithersbur, MD.

They were the ONLY dealer we visited that didn’t have some kind of “market adjustment price” added to the sticker, so that says a lot about them in my mind.

They had several Rubicon 4xE’s on hand, all of them had Mopar 2” lifts and 35’s installed as part of the “recon” package, so we didn’t get to see a stock version. But their techs clearly are familiar with the model, as well as modifying it with the Mopar stuff.

Adams Jeep way up in northeast Maryland would be another place to look into if it’s not too far away. They’ve been selling and servicing lifted and modified Jeeps for decades, so their techs are definitely up to speed.
I am in NoVA but do not mind a little travel to access skilled talent. I'm thinking it's a good idea to have a preferred dealer which may not be the nearest but is the best choice, and then a backup dealer that is closer to home or work in case towing is involved.