July Club Mtg and Christmas in July Event @ 1 PM on 7/10

Added to Calendar: 07-10-22

2nd Day

Member 2022
We can give this a try again. @Galactica will start a Teams meeting for the announcements portion of the meeting and will post the link here. Caveat that, in the past, virtual aspects of non-virtual meetings have not worked well because we are all just hanging out in a large room with lots of background noise and folks speaking from all over the place. We will post minutes afterwards as well so that you get all the same information!
Understood, sorry I flaked.

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TJ Girl

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I wanted to update everyone and say thank you as always for your generosity to the Christmas in July Toy Drive! With the toys donated at the July meeting, the raffle proceeds, and other monetary donations, and some super thrifty shopping on my part, we were able to donate over 300 items to the hospital valued at nearly $1,500.00! The hospital staff was thrilled and expressed their sincere thanks to our organization. Many of the items that we concentrated on such as individual craft kits, art supplies, matchbox cars, fidget toys such as pop its and fidget spinners, charging cables, and journals, as well as small lego sets were exactly what the hospital was in need of most at this time.