February Jeep of the Month


Member 2023
Feels like time is just picking up steam and like we just did this, but it is that time of month for the JOTM nominations.

The Jeep of the Month submissions go on our Facebook page cover and the front of the webpage, and we will try to do another calendar this year so put your best photo forward. To participate, simply reply to this thread with a picture of your Jeep and a brief description of your Jeep or the shot.

Since the pictures go on Facebook and the calendar...landscape photos are preferred. The Portrait photos will have to be cropped.

Will start the voting next weekend, so we can get back on schedule.

As a reminder, here are the rules for JOTM:
  • this is a club members only contest
  • the Jeep must be owned by the club member
  • all submissions must abide by the Nova Jeepers Code of Responsibilities
  • there will be a maximum of 10 Jeeps allowed in each JOTM contest
  • submit a photo of your Jeep along with a brief description of it's modifications and highlights
  • Jeeps may win only once in a calendar year (so all are fair game for Jan)
  • all ties will be decided by an officer tie-breaker vote
Good luck!


Member 2023
Blue Ribbon Coalition
Im all about the teaming pics. If we need a Jeep pic, please focus on the white Gladiator in between the two yellow Jeeps 🤣