Cook Out Manassas Park


Member 2023
I checked Cook Out's website and it no longer said opening soon so I took a cruise down Rt 28 only to find they are no where close to opening.
Parking lot needs a lot of work. Interior not complete. Maybe they will open by Dec 1 the earliest. Store has only been under construction for 16 mos now.


Dave Apker
I enjoy CookOut. But is it a destination? Meh. It is a burger and fries (and shake).
To me cookout is like eating frozen stuff cooked at home.... If I'm out and about, and won't be home for a while, it's a good place to stop when hungry, but I'd never be sitting at home and say "Boy, I could go for some corndogs!" and then run to cook out :D
How about them chicken Quesadillas???!!! :p Or should I say a tortilla with a couple shreds of cheese and chicken juice. Or maybe a piece of ground chicken. Not interested in their food at all. Shakes are good. But I have literally gone once. That was plenty for me.
Yeah, they have one in Winchester....the shake menu is almost overwhelming with so many different types and hey, who doesn't like a Walking Taco.