Clunking JKU

I’ve searched this forum and couldn’t find anything.
I’ve got this clunking sound when coming off a loaded shift mostly in reverse, but recently discovered it when I was out wheeling in either 4lo or 4hi. It’ll happen when descending in 4lo or when I get on or off the gas real quick in any of the 4wd modes. When I push the clutch in the noise continues but when I shift the transfer case into neutral it goes away.

Guess I should state this is a 2011 JKU rubi
6 speed, 77k on it
new clutch 2k miles ago and the sound was there before the clutch job.
2.5 lift on 33s

This video (not mine) is the exact same sound.

I guess I’m wondering if its, the transfer case chain, bad CV joint or pinion slop?

Anyone else on here experience this as well


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I’ve had that type of drivetrain noise on several different Jeeps with manuals - especially with rapid off-throttle and then back on again.

it was explained to me as “driveline slop” which could have a variety of causes, but R&P and carrier play was frequently pointed to as a cause. As you come off the throttle rapidly, the torque flow rapidly reverses through the driveline, from coming FROM the engine to the wheels, to switching almost instantly from the wheels back TO the engine. And and slop or play anywhere in the driveline will all have a little bump as torque flow reverses and the “slack” is taken up in the other direction. I had about 1/8-1/4 of rear driveshaft rotational play with a Detroit Locker In a TJ. It obviously puts some momentary take-up stresses on your driveline - but I’ve never broken anything because of it. Then again, I also never intentionally beat on stuff either.

But yeah, it’s a thing.