BlueKJ build

Figured I would document my jeeps build up here starting from the beginning. Since a lot has already been done I will break this up into several smaller posts instead of one huge post.

Here she is a little after I got her home and put in a junkyard trans and just got her back on the road.

Drove it for about a year this way before I made the decision to build her. Didn't like the high miles so found a donor jeep with a rod knock to use for parts. Went ahead and pulled the motor from the donor jeep and did a full rebuild over the winter.

New parts!

Painted and ready to go back in.

Also sent the transmission out to be rebuilt but don't have pictures of that.

More to come.

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Tell us more about the Mustang.  :wrench  I had a '73 for many years that I restored.  351-4V and C6 with 3.50 9".
Not much to tell we bought it for parts for the Mach 1 but after we got it running it's just sat. The AMX is taking priority for now.
This is actually very interesting and impressive. Looking forward to following this. You don't find many people who take the time to build Jeep Libertys, let alone rebuild any part of them. Keep up the posts!
So after having the trans and motor rebuilt I spent the weekend switching my current power train into the donor jeep and the new one into mine.

Mine coming out.

I believe this was taken with after the new motor.

I drove it this way for a winter got the new motor and trans broken in and all the bugs worked out while I accumulated parts for the build. I also sold the donor jeep shortly after putting my old motor in it and put that money towards new parts. I started buying all new bushings, ball joints, fuel pump, both differential rebuild kits, and anything else you can think of.

Then I got lucky and found a complete jeep in PA that already had a lot of the upgrades that I wanted but were no longer made for the liberty. Talked to the guy and we both decided on a price that made us happy so I drove to get it with my dad then drove the new Jeep home.
Day I brought the new Jeep home.

Then all the fun began.

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Took everything off of the silver jeep that I wanted. Axles already regeared, bumpers, and lift.
I can't find any pictures of it completely torn down but I had it so it was just the unibody on jack stands.

Pulled my Jeep next to it and did the same thing leaving mine on jack stands as well.
Rebuilt the rear axle. All new bearings and seals.
Did the same to the front but once again can't find pictures. The front differential also got a Detroit trutrac in it.
While I had everything off I went ahead and painted the entire underside of the jeep.

Then came the reassembly.

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It's been a while since I've updated this but the Jeep is now done and has been for a while. I finally got it all dialed in to where I wanted it after some trial and error with the front end. The KJ has since been on several outings and has worked well.


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Of course now that it's done it's time to tear it apart and take the build in a different direction. I picked up a HP44 from a 78 F250 and a matching width 9 inch for the rear which will be going under it.


Parts have been rolling in for building the axles.

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This is going to be (and already is) a very cool build. Excited to follow along!

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TNT truss showed up for the full width Dana44. I ordered it bare since I'm not sure yet where I'm going to need to place my mounts to fit under the KJ. Ford 9 inch was also torn down and put on the self for once the front is done.

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Started the axle swap and got all the old suspension off and out of the way. Was able to use the plasma cutter and cut the cradle apart to reuse the engine mount portions.







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