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Welcome to the Best of Tech Talk. We will do our best to update this once a thread has proven to be of overwhelming value and timeless. This will make a quick index to view for common issues and great tech threads.

To nominate a thread, just post in it that it needs to be in the 'Best of Tech Talk' and then click the 'Report Post' or pm a moderator. Then a mod will drop a link in this post.

General Advice
Beginner's Guide to Offroading

JK Build Advice

General Advice on Mods and upgrades. What do they do and lessons learned

What are some of the first things I should do to my new JLU for off-roading

Some thoughts on modifications part dux

General Wrenching
Diff fluid - How much?

Questions about Diff Fluid

OPDA Laughing Monkeys (05-06 LJs)

Blower Motor Resistor (97-06 TJs)

Oil Pan R&R (97-06 TJs)

Broken Dana 30 Vent Tube Fitting (97-06 TJs/LJs)

Headlight Upgrades? (1987 - 1995 YJs)

Lift Questions
JK Lift Kit Advice

JK 2" Lift kit

TJ 4" Lift Options

Locker Questions
School Me on Lockers

Aussie Locker in the Front Axle


Death Wobble
Death Wobble Chronicles - XJ

Nosigma's Death Wobble - XJ

Death Wobble - JKU
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