Banged up rear diff


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Yes… I should have given the once over yesterday/Sunday… frankly I was smoke from the weekend!

Anyways, checking under the rear and found that I punished my rear differential.

How complicated is this to fix myself? (E.g. replace cover, seal and fluids)
OCD is booked up and I need wheels this week.


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Just buy an cast iron or 1/4 plate steel diff cover and carry on. 4 out of 10 difficulty.

Make some studs to slide the cover on during install remove studs at end and put in bolts.

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Fairly simple. even more simpler if you use a LubeLocker gasket.
+1 on the lube locker gasket. Call East Coast Gear and supply today you will have one by Thursday. Two way sto go here:
1) Pick better lines and drive with a little more awarness
2) install a Diff Skid that doesn't use the Diff cover bolts. Metal cloak has a good one.


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Ouch. You got snagged really good there. Did you not feel that happen? I would definitely go with a lube locker gasket as stated above they are worth the money and make the job so much easier and no mess. Getting the top bolts is the hardest part of the job and scraping off old rtv which is another reason to get the lube locker. Good luck


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Not difficult to fix at all. You can get a new dif cover and replace it. Lube lockers are awesome and make it so much easier. What axle are you running? Many people on here will probably have stock covers.


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install a Diff Skid that doesn't use the Diff cover bolts. Metal cloak has a good one.
I actually managed to destroy a metal cloak diff skid and it got pushed up in between the flange/housing and peeled back my pinion seal. I did get myself in a bad position but still can't recommend this skid. I only got it because the JL diffs aren't smooth as previous iterations.


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Not difficult at all. Just pull the cover off, toss it, replace it with a cast iron or similar armored diff cover, clean off the old RTV on the housing, apply new RTV (or lube locker gasket - I’ve always used RTV) reinstall new cover, fill diff back up.

seriously, it’s VERY easy. Very.