Additional Low End Torque for JT/JL 3.6L


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How much of a dog is it on 35s with the manual? I occasionally pull a 4000lb trailer, is that just a no go?

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Where I live, outside Charlottesville so lots of hills and curves, I'm rarely out of 4th gear to minimize shifts. I've towed around 2,000-2,500 lbs for short distances, but I have full steel armor, rails, winch, etc, and I pack supplies to the brim because, well, that's who I am, so the green minivan is HEAVY without the trailer. I can use 6th on the interstate east of me and 5th when westbound. I've been to NC, PA, DE and as far as MO with 4 people no problems. And if I ask the clutch nicely, she'll still turn over the tires for a quick skrrrt for my 10 year old (never done that on a state highway though). The manual definitely makes it more manageable. All that said, gears and lockers will be in my future, when funds become available so I can suit up in these 37's I recently acquired second-hand. Wouldn't trade my green Fiat minivan for the world, 🤣.