2023 Wheelin for Hope (April 22-23)

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The Dates for Wheelin' 4 Hope as well as registration are out and are 22-23 of April for wheeling and the camping field will open on later in the afternoon on the 21st. Including a new for 2023 Raffle to Win a Private Port-a-Potty AND a Registration before they open to anyone else. (link in red and again below) Port-a-Potty raffle goes until 20JAN when it is drawn and Registration is on 21JAN at 1500 (3PM EST).

If you are not familiar with Wheelin' 4 Hope it is an event that put on by a crew focused on raising money for cancer research, and donates the funds raised to American Cancer Society via Relay for Life of Nelson County. The event itself takes place on privately owned Oak Ridge Estate in Nelson County, VA as is open to all breeds of 4x4 Vehicles. Oak Ridge has a trail network of 47+ miles of trails that run up to and along the ridge lines, down in the hollers, over the creeks and rivers and everywhere in between. Registration does include primitive camping at the race track, including quiet areas, generator areas, tent and RV camping. These trails are traditionally only available to wheel for 2 events a year (W4H and the VA4WDA Fall Ride in Sept) both events are limited to 200 registrations and sell out very quickly, normally with in minutes.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask. Several of the members have been down over the past few years and as some of y'all know I am one of the guides for the events at Oak Ridge and have been a huge supporter of W4H since it was founded, as well as a sponsor for the event as well.

For those that have been before please be on the look out in your email box (same one you registered with in the past for the alumni registration information). If you do not make the 200 ticket cut off, join the waiting list, the plan is to open the waiting list sometime after the 200 tickets are sold out (normally the same day).

Raffle and Registration Link (same link for both)



Sorry to hijack your post @HarvinJeep , but going to make this the official 2023 Post since it has some more info on the event. I know we have a few people from NOVA who got tickets, but if I missed anyone, please let me know and I will add to list:

  1. HarvinJeep
  2. Me (Nacho)
  3. Gr8Dain
  4. silverhawkjlu
  5. JeffandRoxy
  6. AllyCat
  1. **JustOnlyME
  2. Jeeper88
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I know many here have heard me talk about Oakridge and the two events there. As mentioned above, tickets will sell out fast, but it is a great time and a great cause. The property is amazing and a real treat to see. This photo was the morning of W4H two or three years ago.


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Thanks for the dates. I need to make sure no plans were already made for me. And then cancel if so. 😂


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Not to put Kens business out there, but found out Ken (Jeeper88) is on the waitlist too for Wheeling for Hope! I sure hope we can get the og's back together.