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  1. TheoLP62

    What did you do to your Jeep today? - October 2022

    New to me bumper installed, need to get a winch plate now to get my Camp Heep win installed.
  2. TheoLP62

    September Jeep of the Month

    Meadow Knob in the George Washington National Forrest with my 17 JKU Willy's
  3. TheoLP62

    Saturday Trip

    Going to Flagpole Knob. Planning on a 9:30 meeting at Sheetz 798 E Market St, Harrisonburg, VA 22801 Will convoy from there to Switzer Lake Recreation Area to air down.
  4. TheoLP62

    Saturday Trip

    Hey guys I'm looking to get out with the kids on Saturday and camp that night. Considering Flag pole knob area but could also be swayed to Peter's Mill. 930-10am meet up Saturday near trial choosen.
  5. TheoLP62

    Uwharrie Spring Break? April 9-12

    Just came in!
  6. TheoLP62

    Big offroad event this weekend

    I'm noticing a theme in your wheeling adventures . . . "But there is a HUGE difference between getting stuck and having the ability to get unstuck, and making a situation worse with defective gear and vehicles" Similar problems on the snowy flag pole run too. Glad you had a good group the one...
  7. TheoLP62

    Uwharrie Spring Break? April 9-12

    So I figured it out, I maxed out my Google storage, should of just put at least 3 videos of you up just now.
  8. TheoLP62

    Uwharrie Spring Break? April 9-12

    I found the video of what I was doing when the tire popped! Did anyone get pictures of us changing the tire when Donnie had his winch hooked up? TikTok of my tire pop
  9. TheoLP62

    Uwharrie Spring Break? April 9-12

    Sliced my sidewall on Dickey Bell today! Had a blast anyways, more pics to be shared of the mid hill tire change but I didn't get any was a tad busy.
  10. TheoLP62

    Uwharrie Spring Break? April 9-12

    So it was a great market place find and I just finished putting the smittybilt tailgate table in the jeep. So excited for this weekend.
  11. TheoLP62

    What did you do to your Jeep today? - April 2022

    Mods to date: Vector dash bar holding my phone and a Traildash2 Flag grille insert New lights on the front license plate bracket Replaced the interior lights with red LEDs
  12. TheoLP62

    Uwharrie Spring Break? April 9-12

    Definetly in! We are Camping at Norwood Campground 30 mins south of Badin Lake Campground.
  13. TheoLP62

    March Club Meeting and Chili Cook-off

    My chili is in the crock pot staying hot for the meeting!
  14. TheoLP62

    Uwharrie Spring Break? April 9-12

    If there are a couple others maybe look to do that but unless there are 4 dividing it I'll look some where else.
  15. TheoLP62

    Uwharrie Spring Break? April 9-12

    How many coming are still looking for accommodations and are camping? (I'm in that group too) Reason I ask is cause after some waffling on camping (from the wife) I'm just gonna commit to it now and Baldwin Lake group camping site C is still available 4/9-12 it is $233 and limited to 50 people...
  16. TheoLP62

    JK dual stack light brackets $40

    A pair of dual stack light brackets for your windshield post. Jeep - Dual-Stacked Post Mount - Mounts 2 Sets of Cube Lights in Post Location - Pair, JK 2007-2018
  17. TheoLP62

    JK Cell Phone Mount $35

    Rugged Ridge cell phone multi mount for 2011-18 Wrangler JK. The wireless charger didn't work through my phone case and I broke half the tabs trying to mount it on something else but could be used still with some ingenuity. The original holder is fine and was never used.
  18. TheoLP62

    Uwharrie Spring Break? April 9-12

    Plans are firming up for me and my two girls to camp there. The Wife is still iffy on attending.
  19. TheoLP62

    March JOTM - Submissions

    I got these of my jeep on the trail.
  20. TheoLP62

    Okay… For Real This Time! Flag Pole 12 February

    I had an absolute blast! It was definitely challenging in spots and I got some new scratches in my rock sliders, but that's what they are for. You can check out the videos I've posted so far to my tiktok with more to come as I edit new clips in the next...