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  1. Kocsisjg

    Fall Foliage Ride - Sunday / Day 2 / Part Deux

    What a great first ride with the group. Thanks Cookiemonster for setting it up. I will try upload some photos I just have to make the file sizes smaller so I can upload them
  2. Kocsisjg

    Fall Foliage Ride - Sunday / Day 2 / Part Deux

    This has inspired me to bring some cole slaw
  3. Kocsisjg

    Fall Foliage Ride - Sunday / Day 2 / Part Deux

    Count me in - I will have to think about what I will bring for lunch..:unsure:
  4. Kocsisjg

    Troubles posting pictures

    Yep that is the icon I was clicking but it looks like it is directing me to what I think is the link window. Mostly likely the membership issue that Galactica mentioned is directing me to the link. Thanks for letting me know I was not going nuts
  5. Kocsisjg

    Troubles posting pictures

    Is anyone else havI got trouble posting pictures? When I try to use the button for pictures it is asking for a url and has a picture of the link icon. I tried on safari and chrom, computer and iPad and the same thing happens not matter what. thanks
  6. Kocsisjg

    Original plastic bumper from 2020 Gladiator Sport S

    Original OEM plastic bumper from a 2020 Gladiator Sport S in great condition. Includes air dams. Does not include fog lights. Asking $100.
  7. Kocsisjg

    Suggestion for next Windrock trip

    I am heading to a house build in McCreary Count KY next week. Nemo tunnel is about an hour away so if I drive down to it while I am down that I will try and get some pics and provide A summary
  8. Kocsisjg

    New to Jeeping Run (Flagpole)

    I was so excited to do this run, unfortunately other things on the schedule for the 14th:confused:. Hopefully there will be another chance to go later in spring/summer
  9. Kocsisjg

    Mid Atlantic Backcountry Discovery Route (MABDR)

    I was just reading about the MABDR that runs from the VA/NC border up to NY. The website says it is suitable for 4x4 vehicles. Just curious if anyone has experience on this trail? Seems like it might be a great way to explore the region
  10. Kocsisjg

    Larger tires now I need to reprogram my Gldiator

    Last week I upgraded my Gladiator from 31 stock all weather tires to 33 A/Ts.  I asked the dealership how much it would be to reprogram for the larger tires and they said $150 but that they wouldn't do it for over 31" tires (I know weird right).  Any way I am wondering if there is anywhere or...
  11. Kocsisjg

    Camping near Peter’s mill trail

    Looking to do first trail ride with my gladiator at Peter's mill and to camp out afterward. Any recommendations for family camping nearby. Kids are 6-10 yrs old. Thanks
  12. Kocsisjg


    I am so glad to be joining this group.  I can't wait to get out and introduce my daughters to off roading in our Gladiator  :D Forgot to mention earlier I am In West Springfield/Burke