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  1. zuke

    Re gear question

    Don't forget an added expense no one has mentioned yet, To go up in gears anywhere in the 4.xx range, you're going to have to change your differntial carriers as well, (Or use Thick gear sets). If you just stay open that will only add about $200, but if you think you'll ever want any kind of...
  2. zuke

    Spot vs flood cube lights

    And there is one of the valid Reasons I said others would have :) ! I have a pair of KC Hi-Lites halogens that have moved from my wife's Yellow JKU, to The Blue JKU, to the Gladiator now as each was the wife's daily driver... Quality lights can be almost heirlooms, when they are used for...
  3. zuke

    Memorial day weekend ride Uwhurrie 27-29 May

    Since I trailered the Bronco, it was full when I arrived last year, I did have to fill the JKU up at Eldorado on the second day of wheeling, but it wasn't horrible, And the tow pig I made sure I had a full tank before arrival at the park. This year I'll be trailering both rigs, so I'll make...
  4. zuke

    Options for Winch Front Plate License Plate Brackets

    Beware of most of these Fold up, Clip in, Easily moveable brackets.. Every one I ever had was destroyed within a year of wheeling with it.. I'd bet other people are more consciences about taking them off then I am, But I've now gone to much simpler approaches on my vehicles.. On the JKU I've...
  5. zuke

    Memorial day weekend ride Uwhurrie 27-29 May

    We bought our passes at "The Eldorado Outpost" Which is the closest thing to the campground for just about any of the normal supplies you might need as well., and quite a few supplies and oddities you don't need to:)
  6. zuke

    Memorial day weekend ride Uwhurrie 27-29 May

    Your know I'm already in!
  7. zuke

    Spot vs flood cube lights

    Since it's primarily aesthetics, and 'I'd use it if I had it'... I'd suggest a combo flood/spot low profile 10 to 14" light bar of mid quality, I wouldn't break the piggy bank for a Rigid or Baja Designs, though others will have perfectly valid reasons why you should. I'd go something like...
  8. zuke

    Spot vs flood cube lights

    I generally find floods to be the most useful, we're talking about off-road lighting, any thing you add beyond the headlights and factory fogs is not legal for road use. Since the added lights would be most useful off-road you want a wider area lighted to see what is close around you, not so...
  9. zuke

    January 2023 JOTM

    Ought to be some good shots from The EOY Ride yesterday!
  10. zuke

    Machine Shop Recommendations

    Checkout The Restoration Shop, In Stafford, Ralph is one of the best in the Industry!
  11. zuke

    Tire Dismount in Loudoun?

    It's an old and tired machine, but it's good to give it a work out once in a while ;)
  12. zuke

    Maintenance question/s

    Yeah, you probably should :)
  13. zuke

    Maintenance question/s

    I do it by doing a full brake bleed, do every bleeder until the fluid comes through clean and new.. That's usually good enough to make sure all the water is out of the system. Shops will actually do a flush if you want to it to be thorough.
  14. zuke

    Bobby at Motobilt

    Welcome Bobby! I've been using some Motobilt products in my builds for ages, though mostly the specilty stuff, (The fuel cell stuff like Pump Rings for putting a Jeep pump in someone else's fuel cell). The quality has always been top notch, but I had no idea of the many of the other products...
  15. zuke

    Maintenance question/s

    Replace Brake fluid every two years. (Brake Fluid is Hygroscopic, so this is time based rather than mileage based) Inspect all U-Joints, Drive Shaft CVs and Suspension Ball Joints annually or more frequently if used offroad or oversize tires installed.
  16. zuke

    December trail run (PA)

    Debbie and I are going to have to bow out... Work has kept me from getting everything ready to go, and it looks like I may actually have to work some over the weekend as well. Sorry, I was looking forward to this run, too :(
  17. zuke

    New Jeep owner in Stafford area

    And if someone does get them, and if that Falken is the factory spare as I expect, I have an unused spare (Still on the steel rim) from my old Trailhawk that would be a match for it, and free to anyone who got the other from @GeekDad62
  18. zuke

    New Jeep owner in Stafford area

    Try Discount Tire and NTB Locally, or Simple Tire and ship to a local installer. Check the exact model number at Walmart carefully, Sometimes they sell Tires with the same model name that are made to Walmart's spec (read: not as good a tire). If the exact part number matches you're good, but...
  19. zuke


    He's gonna spoil you ;) You know I tend to go the route of not much more than needed to accomplish the goal, I'm gonna say to go the 2.5s to allow more space around them. If you think you might suddenly decide to go bombing across the desert, or doing rock bouncing then the 3.0 makes more...
  20. zuke

    New Jeep owner in Stafford area

    Can't go to much bigger on the tires, last tires I ran on my Renegade Trailhawk before trading it in was a set of 225/65r17s, I had a 2.5" lift, and they still rubbed at lock, Yokahoma Geolander M/T G003 on stock Trailhawk wheels with 1.5" spacers. If your primary use is street though, I'd...