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  1. cwkann

    Tires & Wheels: MTs ATs, Beadlocks, 35 37 40, TJ/LJ, JK/JL, 5-8 lug

    Do you have pictures of the Yokohamas on the AEV beadlocks? How much wear do they have?
  2. cwkann

    TJ OEM Tire Carrier

    I am pretty sure I have one in Winchester. Let me double check and let you know. (if you want to drive that far)
  3. cwkann

    Galactica - 2018 JL

    Impressive work! That looks incredible!
  4. cwkann

    Cage Opinion

    I have Rockhard cage additions in my Jeep and like them. IMO anything additional is better than stock. I have the windshield bars and from the windshield back. I have fabrication collars and was going to get the behind the seat bars, but thought that was a bit much for the time being...
  5. cwkann

    39th Annual 4Plus 4WD Surf Fishing Tournament (April 27-28 - Buxton, NC)

    Redfish is awesome! Congratulations! Looks fantastic!
  6. cwkann

    Full Hydro

    Do you currently have hydro assisted steering? If not, why would you jump to full hydro? I can say hydro assist worked wonders on mine and had a huge benefit on road AND off road. If you do have hydro assist, why move to full? Are you having difficulty steering? If full hydro fails on the...
  7. cwkann

    Best shops for classic Jeeps?

    ORI in Winchester has restored and worked on many old Jeeps and FJs as well as others. Because of location it may be a hike for you, but give them a call. 540-665-0123. Good luck with it!
  8. cwkann

    Is RCPFA Still around?

    It was in Crozet Va.
  9. cwkann

    Insurance for aftermarket parts

    I have USAA and they cover my Jeep and modifications. I have kept receipts for parts and installation. I have also discussed if I were to roll or something their coverage. They stated as long as it was not a competition I was covered. I have a lot more modifications than $2k.
  10. cwkann

    What did you do to your Jeep today? - March 2024

    Man, that looks like turkey territory!!
  11. cwkann

    What did you do to your Jeep today? - March 2024

  12. cwkann

    Death wobble?

    Hiam addressed most things. It could be rotation with unbalanced tires impacting being out of alignment and worn parts. It boils down to a combination of things usually. But it could have been worsened by what the dealer did.
  13. cwkann

    Smittybuilt Rain Cover JKU -Sold

    These things are awesome! good luck with the sale!
  14. cwkann

    99 XJ

    Depending on location, ORI in Winchester could definitely handle it. 540-665-0123. Good luck!
  15. cwkann

    24 Hell and Back Ripoff

    I would be up for the moderate group also based on dates. Thanks!
  16. cwkann

    What did you do to your Jeep today? - February 2024

    Ain't it the truth! I feel the same way even when I know it probably will with the TJ.
  17. cwkann

    Engine Rebuild/Replacement

    Have you gotten second or third opinions? They may be pushing for you to get an engine to make more money. I just had an estimate for someone hitting my parked vehicle where the person told me $1800-$2400. Second opinion was $800-$1000. I didn't care because I wasn't paying, but went with...
  18. cwkann

    Lift kits

    Clayton has great products. I would look at them. Definitely quality.
  19. cwkann

    RIPIP William "Bill" Post

  20. cwkann

    Where do you take your Jeep?

    Timmy is a good guy too!