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  1. TheGuardianJLU

    Nice backroad from Moab to Grand Junction

    Acts of kindness like this truly exemplify the spirit of our community... good on you @RubiDukkie and @SimplyK!
  2. TheGuardianJLU

    What did you do to your Jeep today? - May 2024

    I hope we get to see you and Sherri at the Rodeo & Show and Shine, we miss you!
  3. TheGuardianJLU

    NoVA honest mechanic recommendation?

    Dirt Nerds for their integrity, work, and location. They've recently moved to: 45740 Woodland Rd, Sterling VA, 20166, and will be back by 5/28 as their shop is headed out to Moab.
  4. TheGuardianJLU

    NVJA Annual Rodeo & Show and Shine - 6/15/24

    Hi Mike, It seems like there might be some confusion. Our club now has a new Vendor process in place, and all Vendors are required to follow it. I have responded to your PM and am looking forward to our discussion. Since this thread is for the Rodeo & Show and Shine, let's continue our...
  5. TheGuardianJLU

    NVJA Annual Rodeo & Show and Shine - 6/15/24

    Thank you for reaching out regarding your interest in becoming a vendor again. We appreciate your previous partnership with us. As you may be aware, we have certain terms and requirements in place to ensure the quality and integrity of the services/products offered within our club. Before we...
  6. TheGuardianJLU

    Dorothy, you’re not in Kansas anymore

    Giver her a big hug for me!
  7. TheGuardianJLU

    Dorothy, you’re not in Kansas anymore

    @RubiDukkie you may run into my older brother out there, technically I was supposed to be out at Moab this weekend with him but could not swing it. If you see a white TRX, I want reports 😌
  8. TheGuardianJLU

    NVJA Annual Rodeo & Show and Shine - 6/15/24

    Make it double Dain! 😁
  9. TheGuardianJLU

    NVJA Annual Rodeo & Show and Shine - 6/15/24

    The Rodeo & Show and Shine will go on! 📣 Please, pre-register as we need to anticipate a head-count for the event to ensure smooth coordination. **How to Preregister Please, visit our event registration page and fill out the form to secure your spot. Whether you're competing in the Rodeo...
  10. TheGuardianJLU

    New, Not a Joiner.

    Hello, and welcome to Nova Jeepers! For the Rodeo & Show and Shine you can find the pre-registeration form here: event registration page. We will continue to release details about the event on the Forum. Most of our announcements are published in our Member's Only Forum as priority, therefore...
  11. TheGuardianJLU

    Some Thoughts on Modifications Part 2

    Mina, this is a great start to come forward and ask questions. My first question isn't technical, but more what do you want out of your Jeep? Is it a daily driver and rock crawler on the "weekends," for example? I imagine I already know the answer... but you never know! The great part is you...
  12. TheGuardianJLU

    2024 (Tentative) Calendar

    Thank you for sharing! Our Officers will reach out. We need to confirm a couple of more details prior. Look out for a private message this week from either myself or Lucas.
  13. TheGuardianJLU

    What did you do to your Jeep today?-April 2024

    Good on you Joe! Keep us on our toes with the progress. Love to see it.
  14. TheGuardianJLU

    Is RCPFA Still around?

    Assuming you mean Rock Crawlers for the Preservation of Future Access? If so, their website does not exist anymore. Is there a reason you are trying to find the POC/contact information?
  15. TheGuardianJLU

    May Club Meeting - Cancelled

    Dear Members, The May club meeting scheduled for May 5, 2024 has been cancelled. This decision was reached after careful deliberation by Members of the Executive Forum, taking into account schedule conflicts, and the observance of Mother's Day the weekend after. We understand the importance of...
  16. TheGuardianJLU

    Flagpole Guidance - Union Springs & Dunkle Hollow Trails

    🌲 Welcome to our Flagpole Trails! 🌲 This thread serves as a guide, approved by the U.S. Forest Service for Flagpole Knob Trails. Please adhere to the appropriate trails to ensure safety and preserve our forests. With the increased traffic on Union Springs, our club has committed to doing its...
  17. TheGuardianJLU

    How NOT to Conduct Yourself on the Trails

    Fortunately, the incident was not fatal. I believe the group's intent was to save the Jeep from body damage but from the line they took the Jeep was bound to re-balance itself. It's a very dangerous and ineffective way to conduct an assist, I agree.
  18. TheGuardianJLU

    How NOT to Conduct Yourself on the Trails

    It's been a little bit since I've found a video/photo that falls very short from the standards we have committed to uphold on the trails. Operating irresponsibly on the trails not only endangers ourselves but also puts others at risk, and this photo is a good depiction of that. The intention...
  19. TheGuardianJLU

    What did you do to your Jeep today? - March 2024

    From wheeling, and as part of regular/preventative maintenance. As one that runs the manual SwayLOC, in order for it to engage in the correct position and for it to release the pressure on the latch, it will require a cycle of cleaning, and greasing the zerks at the aluminum mounts. I do not...
  20. TheGuardianJLU

    What did you do to your Jeep today? - March 2024

    A 6.2-liter Hemi V8... the amount of sheer power when driving it goes beyond a typical adrenaline rush. I can't put into words how much of a smile it put on my face to drive it.