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Jeep Tech Talk / N3 Shocks
« Last post by DAMTALL on Today at 12:48:37 AM »
My mother in law is looking to buy a 2.5" Rough Country lift with N3 Shocks for her 2003 TJ Sahara.  Mall crawler (sorry Joyce), but wondering about the N3 Shocks.  Does anyone know about them?  Yay? Nay?  I am hoping to get her out for the New to Jeepers Run this year!  Thanks for your help!
Jeep Discussions / Re: 2019 Jeep of the Year
« Last post by Gr8Dain on Today at 12:13:26 AM »
Thank goodness it Chris Crowell isn't in the lead!  His head is big enough being on the back of a Show and Shine tee shirt!  :rotf  :fu  Just messing with you bro!  :jw

I wore that shirt yesterday and stood and looked at that beautiful picture for a good few minutes before pitting it on.  Great Jeep and great picture.
Jeep Discussions / Re: Forum Perspective
« Last post by Gr8Dain on Today at 12:11:20 AM »
Thank you Rich.  The things you say are the main reasons I became so involved.  We try to keep the place civil.  But honestly, it is folks like YOU that make this a great place to learn and share.  I have had a few really good chats with you and learned a lot from you in person and online. 
Jeep Discussions / Re: Forum Perspective
« Last post by Osiris on Today at 12:03:11 AM »
May I ask what group(s) we are talking about, just so I don't make the mistake of going on their websites?  Thanks!  :tu

It could actually be two different forums (possibly more) as the two guys we mentioned frequent both. Jeepforum and wranglertjforum
Jeep Tech Talk / Another MPG question
« Last post by total2010 on January 24, 2020, 11:01:31 PM »

So I recently upgraded to 4.88s on my 12jku Sahara but I'm still running my 31.5 mud-terrain tires.  I have a front and rear DV8 bumpers and a Smittybilt roof rack.

Question is, should I be getting 10 mpg in city and 13 on a highway while driving economically? I never floor it and have always maintained a 60-ish MPH average.  I feel like my previous JKU 08 manual was getting better MPG than this.
Trailer Talk / Re: Best trailer camper for a JKU
« Last post by total2010 on January 24, 2020, 10:51:08 PM »
I like "camping" but hate tents, especially when it is raining, so I opted for a Casita 17' trailer which was 2500 lbs dry. It towed perfectly fine stability wise even when we went to Moab, however the V6 was underpowered with 37s and full armor. I just downsized to a 13' scamp which are only about 1200 lbs dry and has all the same amenities minus a two person dinette. The fiberglass campers are great and light, but not cheap. The JL shouldn't have any issues towing this one. I would definitely recommend one if you are looking to tow something

That's a beautiful setup!!  :murica :murica

I have upgraded to 4.88s now and I'm running 32s do you think I can do it?
Jeep Discussions / Re: Stop by Reddish Knob this weekend. 18-19 Jan
« Last post by nosigma on January 24, 2020, 09:49:43 PM »
Too cold and too icy.  1/2 ice forecast late Friday.  The chains would have gotten me up and down but it would have destroyed the antennas so I bailed and went to Freezeland road north of Linden.  Glad you didnt go up.  It was really bad up there.  I talked to a guy who lived on the second range on the radio and it was as bad or worse than predicted.

The contest went well despite being at just 2400ft.  I probably took first in the nation in the FM category.  Been trying win that one for 5 years.  I think I finally got my white whale.

Rigs / Re: MarineHawk’s JTR
« Last post by MarineHawk on January 24, 2020, 09:08:02 PM »
It comes off in seconds.  With or without, I gauge lane changes with the side mirrors.  I can see behind me fair enough with the topper on.  If I load it high, I just use the side mirrors, which I use anyway. 
Rigs / MarineHawk’s JTR
« Last post by Gr8Dain on January 24, 2020, 08:54:32 PM »
Not as bad as I imagined.
Rigs / Re: MarineHawk’s JTR
« Last post by MarineHawk on January 24, 2020, 08:50:06 PM »
It's fine for me:

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